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From Concept to Finished Product and Everything In Between

Brattle Publishing Group works with you to define your product ideas, execute the development effort, and market and distribute your products.

Product Concepts

Our experienced team of professionals is ready to work with you and use our knowledge of program development, market demographics and trends, and effective, research-based instruction to create solid product concepts. Working as a part of your team, Brattle will help you create a product that will meet your market and educational objectives and will delight your customers.

Full Service or Strategic Service Development. You decide…

Brattle Publishing Group can handle all or part of your development.

  • Project Management services that include realistic schedules and budgets.
  • Experienced editorial development by teams of subject-matter experts, nationally recognized academics and researchers, writers, editors, copyeditors and proofreaders, who will create compelling, motivating and educationally effective instruction and content.
  • Experienced designers who will create engaging product designs that convey critical information with functional, but attractive designs.
  • Image services including illustrations, photo research, and image production. We work with an international network of experienced illustrators, photographers, and stock houses to offer you a variety of styles and themes.
  • Production and quality assurance services for both traditional print and multimedia production efforts and include individual “page” designs and product composition as well as quality assurance passes to guarantee high-quality releases.

Customization and Asset Reuse

In today’s world of fast-paced media releases and personalized content, our consumers have come to expect customized content. Brattle works with your team to identify the demographics in your primary and secondary markets and customize your product to address the needs of all customers.

Our staff has a combined more than 50 years creating customized experiences and reusing products and product components. Through creative and strategic reuse of your content, our experts can create fresh and new products for your primary or secondary markets.

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